In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for reading, learning and other Library activities, The PMU Library requires all visitors to comply with the following General Rules and Regulations:

The following are NOT allowed at The PMU Library:

Engaging in conduct that are against the Library policies, disrupts or interferes with normal operation of the Library, or that disturbs staff or other Library visitors. Such conduct includes:

1. Harassing or threatening behavior
2. Using obscene or abusive language or gestures
3. Making unreasonable noise, including talking on a cell phone or otherwise
4. Engaging in sexual conduct or lewd behavior
5. Eating or drinking within the Library premises
6. Sleeping in the Library
7. Damaging, defacing, or misusing any Library materials or property. This includes disabling Library equipment, changing the hardware or software or settings on a Library computer, or using a Library computer for a purpose other than that designated by the Library
8. Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, local, or other applicable law or Library policies.

Please also be aware that:

1. The Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on Library
2. Visitors are not permitted to bring any large bags
3. Library security and staff can inspect any of your property when you come in or leave
4. Please wear appropriate cloths and shoes when entering the Library
5. Some items in the Library cannot be copied because of copyright laws, poor condition, or donor
6. The Library is not responsible for children who are left unattended on Library premises
7. Library staff and security officers can ask visitors to show their student ID cards or other ID at any

Visitors who do not follow the Library’s General Rules and Regulations can be asked to leave and can lose their Library privileges. They can also be penalize or be subject to other legal action.

**Kindly note that the Library reserves the right to amend these regulations from time to time.