1. Membership is open for:
    - all students of Politeknik Mukah
    - all academic & support staff of Politeknik Mukah
    - PMU Communities

2. Please signup online at  to register as member.

3. After registering online, upon 1st time borrowing books, the membership will be validated by the
    Library staff at the counter.

4. If regular PMU students are interested to join the Library Club, they are welcome to join by
    completing the member form. The form can be obtain from the Library Counter.

5. Borrowing privileges are as below:
    - Regular Student (standard membership) = max. 3 books for 2 week
    - Regular Student (club membership) = max. 5 books for 3 week
    - Academic Staff = max. 5 books for 1 month
    - Support Staff = max. 5 books for 3 week
    - PMU Community = max. 2 books for 2 week

6. Late fines of RM0.20 per day for each book will be charge to the borrower that exceed the 
    borrowing period stated in the borrowing privileges above.