1.       What types/category of books is at level 1?
At level 1 = Kids, Acts, Reference, Fictions, Large Books, Philosophy and psychology (100), Religion (200), Language (400), Arts & recreation (700), Literature (800), History & geography (900).
You can also find the serial collection such as yearly books, bulletins, journals, and etc.
2.       What types/category of books is at level 2?
At level 2 = Industrial Papers, Past exam papers, other Large Books, General works, Computers science & information (000), Social sciences (300), Pure Science (500) Technology (600).
You can also find other serial collections such as magazines at this level.
3.       Can I seek for assistance in locating the needed materials/subjects?
Yes you can. Please do ask for assistance at the library counter or ask directly from the Library’s librarian.
4.       How do I access WIFI at the PMU Library premises?
PMU students and staff can access wifi via the PMU wireless network setup at the Library premises. For help on how to set this up on iPad, iPhones, androids or laptops etc please seek assistance from the PMU Information Technology Unit (UTM)  
5.       Does PMU Library subscribe to any online databases?
No. Due to limited budget, we did not subscribe to any online databases. However, we had identified several FREE online databases that the PMU community can use. Please refer to the HOTLINKS on the left page & also for guides on how to access the database, please refer at this link http://perpustakaanpmu.blogspot.my/p/pnm-digital.html or you can also seek assistance directly from our friendly staff.
6.       I am easily distracted with noises or activities. Where can I find a nice & quiet area to study?
Level 2 have a much quiet environment than Level 1. At Level 2, you can use the individual carrel room for a much more private study/reading activity. We have around 30 units of carrel rooms & you can ask to use this facility from our staff at the Level 2 counter.
7.       Can I borrow the past year exam papers?
The past year exam papers can only be use in the library premises as it is categorize as one of the Red Spot materials. It is not allowed to be photocopied or taken outside of the library.
8.       Does the PMU library kept any Audio Visual (AV) materials?
Yes we do. However, our collections of AV are limited to books accompanied with CD’s and also some subjects on languages & kids. The AV materials can be requested from the Level 1 counter.
9.       Where is the Lost & Found?
Personal items found in the Library are held at the Circulation Desk. However, please take note that the Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on Library premises.
10.   Where / how can I make a suggestion to the Library?
For any suggestions or ideas, you can approach our friendly library staff with it. You can also write an email to our Librarian; Miss Azrina at azrinaali@pmu.edu.my and we will keep the record as confidential.