Discussion Rooms are available at the first floor of the Library inside the Academic Room.

There are 4 rooms available for use. Each room has a white board, desk, and chairs.

The 4 discussion rooms are named as:

  • Bilik Perbincangan 1
  • Bilik Perbincangan 2 
  • Bilik Perbincangan 3 
  • Bilik Perbincangan 4 

Conditions of use:

  • Rooms are only available to groups of 2 or more students and bookable for no more than 3 hours per day per student. Bookings for use by individual students will not be accepted
  • No food is permitted.
  • Please keep noise to a reasonable level.
  • Never leave valuables unattended.
  • When you leave please turn off the lights and close the door. If you are in a room that requires a key, please lock the door as you leave.
  • Do not leave books or other materials in the discussion rooms.
  • Please request permission to use the discussion room from the Library Staff