Circulation Services assists library patrons with the location and circulation of library materials. It can be found near the main entrance of the PMU library.

Functions include:
  • Check-outs and check-ins of materials, 
  • Renewal of materials,
  • Registration of members,
  • Collection of fines and other charges, 
  • Re-shelving of library materials, and maintaining order in shelving area
  • Taking reservation for books or other facilities such as the Academic Room
  • Assists patrons with general questions about the PMU Library

Borrowing privileges are as below:
    - Regular Student (standard membership) = max. 3 books for 2 week
    - Regular Student (club membership) = max. 5 books for 3 week
    - Academic Staff = max. 5 books for 1 month
    - Support Staff = max. 5 books for 3 week
    - Staff children = max. 2 books for 2 week

**Late fines of RM0.20 per day for each book will be charge to the borrower that exceed the borrowing period stated in the borrowing privileges above.