Need some quiet & private place to study? Then come to the PMU Library at the second floor to get a study room (also known as carrel room) for your self.

A carrel room is a small individual study room where a student or researcher can work or study undisturbed.


At the PMU Library, there are 30 carrel rooms available for the use of the PMU community.

The carrel rooms are available 30 minutes after opening in the morning and you are kindly requested to vacate the cubicle 15 minutes before closing time.

Carrel rooms can be booked at the Library Counter and will be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All the carrel rooms are locked & to use them, you will need to request the keys from the second floor counter. Users must sign a register at receipt of the key.  The person who signed the register will be held responsible for the key.


  • Users must personally ensure that the cubicles are locked after use.
  • The Library does not accept responsibility for damage to or loss of items left unattended in the cubicles.
  • All items left behind in the cubicles will be removed by Library staff and handed in at the security desk.
  • Should a cubicle or its contents sustain damage, the last user of the cubicle will be held responsible for its fixing or cleaning.  Any damage should be reported at the beginning of a session to the Library staff.
  • Library staff will periodically inspect the cubicles without prior warning and/or notification.

 Library rules:

  • The general Library rules apply.
  • The official policy regarding the use of cell-phones applies.
  • No eating and drinking is allowed.
  • The windows (e.g. in doors) may not be covered.
  • Clients may not affix posters to the walls.
  • Furniture or equipment may not be moved around inside the cubicle, removed from it or brought into it from other areas.
  • The cubicles must at all times be kept neat and clean.
  • Individuals making noise or disturbing other users will be requested to vacate the cubicle.