The PMU Library uses Angka.sa2 library management system as it's base for maintaning Web Opac.

An online public access catalog (often abbreviated as OPAC or simply library catalog) is an online database of materials held by a library or group of libraries. Users search a library catalog principally to locate books and other material available at a library. To use PMU Web Opac, user need to go online to 

PMU Web Opac page display

PMU Web Opac Page Display

The PMU Web Opac cater for Basic SearchAdvance Search and Browse search. However, page display will automatically set to "Basic Search".

Basic Search allow users to choose one (1) from ten (10) category of search term which are:
  1. Author
  2. Call Number
  3. ISBN
  4. ISSN
  5. Item ID
  6. Keyword(s)
  7. Publisher
  8. Series
  9. Subject
  10. Title
For Advance Search, instead of choosing only one (1) term from the ten (10) search term, user can choose up to three (3) term by using Boolean search such as "and" or "or".

Overall, the system can also help to specify the search through options such as "any", "all" and "exact". User may want to narrow down or sort the search result by clicking "more" to options such as:
  1. Type of material
  2. Language
  3. Year Publish
  4. Sort by publish date (ascending), publish date (descending), relevancy, or title (ascending)

Mainly, user's without many information of the materials, would opt to use the below search options:
  1. Keyword(s)
  2. Exact : to narrow down search
  3. Sort by Publish Date (descending) : to view results with latest publication year at the top

Click the title to get more information on the item. It will automatically display to "Full Record".

To know the location of the item and if it is available to be borrow, click "Item".

Full Record display

The "Item" display will show the following information:

1. Type of item : Book or other item such as CD, Map, etc.

2. Call No. : Location of the item on the library rack

3. Item Id : The item unique identification number

4. Collection : To identify if the item can be borrow or not:
  • Item that can be borrow : Open Shelf, Kids, Act, Fictions
  • Item that can't be borrow : Reference, Malaysiana, Serials, Special Collection
5. Status : To identify if the item is "Available" at the library or is being borrow (Check-out) by another user.

6. Reservation : Only item that has the "Check-out" status can be reserve by user. Available item can be borrow as usual with-out reservation.

Item display